I just got married, is my spouse a United States Citizen?

Some people believe that marrying a United States citizen will automatically grant you citizenship. This is not true…


However, it does make it easier to get a green card. The process can be time consuming and will take a lot of paperwork.

USCIS will require proof of your marriage to make sure that this marriage is legitimate and not only to get citizenship. You will need to provide a marriage license and may be asked to provide other evidence such as bank account statements, deeds and/or leases, tax returns, phone records, or receipts for large purchases made together.
The US citizen spouse will have to file a petition for the alien relative to establish the relationship between the people.

If the spouse seeking a green card is here legally, they may be able to file a petition to adjust their status to a permanent resident. If the spouse seeking a green card is not here legally there will be other processes that need to be followed to get their green card.

If the spouse seeking a green card is living in another country they must complete an immigrant visa, submit documentation to the National Visa Center and submit to an interview at their local consulate.


It is likely that USCIS will request an interview with both spouses after the forms have been accepted. It is important to attend this interview and answer any questions asked honestly. Approval may be immediate or the interview may be adjourned and approval may come later.

The focus of the interview is to make certain that a couple is actually married, and the interviewer will be asking questions about personal details. The questions are usually not hard for a married couple to answer, but it is wise to review a few important details. Make certain that you both know when and where were you married, How many people were in attendance, Where you met, and other key dates in your relationship.

After the process is completed, the green card will arrive within a few weeks.